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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Win Win Big Nokia

Hujung minggu ni, bkesempatan nk jalan2 terjah blog member lain. Emm tertarik pula dgn iklan Nuffnang psl Win Win Big Nokia. Wow....mmg bestnye kalau dpt menang. Semua hp yg nak dimenangi...memang canggih belaka.

Cara nk menangnye simple stgh orglah. Tapi saya belum try lagi. Nk tgk2 dulu. Manalah tau, join terus lucky. Rezeki masing2 bah.

Siapa nk ikut serta bolehlah ikuti langkah ni:

1. Buy any of the featured Nokia phones from 20 November 2010 to 15 January 2011.

2.Sign up/use your existing Ovi Mail account to send an email to with your:

* – Name
* – NRIC number
* – Mobile Number
* – Address
* – IMEI number of your new Nokia phone
* – Retail outlet’s name in which your new Nokia phone is purchased from

3. Upon successful verification, look out for 5 questions which will be sent via SMS. You’ll receive each question in sequence upon receipt of your reply to the previous question. You’ll need to respond to all 5 questions within 24 hours from the time the first SMS is sent.

4. Answer all 5 questions accurately in the shortest time frame and you’ll win these amazing prizes.

Nak tahu lanjut psl promosi ni bolehlah layari : Celcom


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